Welcome to The Travel Van! 

We are Sally and Peter, a couple who decided to buy our van at the young age of 50!    

Our travels have taken us to many parts of the UK and as far away as Slovenia. We love the camping life as we like to be active outdoors, and want to explore new places. One journey we plan on making is to Athens in Greece; just like the one Sally did way back when she was three years old! 

Join us as we go exploring and offer tips and advice on camper van life!

The Latest From Our Blog:

Images from Greece

A simple selection of photos from our trip around Greece. From the North of Parga, to Halkidi, to the snowy paths of Mount Olympus, onto Athens and around the Peloponnese. I will add captions when next on WiFi.

Albania calling

Often depicted by Hollywood in films such as Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken’, and the BBC’s Top Gear as where neighbours constantly feud along with a patriarchal mafia style economy, our experience of the reality of Albania couldn’t  be further from the truth! After a short visit here, we’ve found the people to be friendly, welcoming and… Continue Reading →

The Big Trip – end of week 2

There’s been many highlights already having visited seven countries and now sat in Albania writing this. Arriving in France at the Eurotunnel, we headed straight for Belgium to our first overnight stop at Camping Groeneveld in Dienze which is a small town with a simple campsite close to a large manor house a few miles… Continue Reading →

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